Residential Care

There are 73 beds dedicated to complex care for people who can no longer look after themselves when the care required is too difficult for a caregiver at home. Dementia is often a factor.  Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetic consulting, social worker counselling and a dedicated activity program support a sound framework for excellent care. It is very welcoming and a wonderful place to be if ‘home’ is no longer an option.

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The role of the Foundation is to provide financial support to improve the care and comfort for the residents. The funding covers programs such as a popular music program, general recreational activities and outings as well as some personal needs for those who cannot afford it. The Foundation purchased window blinds to make patient rooms more comfortable by reducing the full heat of the summer sun. In addition, significant improvements for security and safety to the outside walking and sitting area used by dementia patients were funded by the Foundation.





Funding has also been provided to acquire equipment to facilitate resident comfort and safety. Purchases include items such as low-beds and mattresses, lift systems for residents with mobility issues, and new bathtubs and electric lift bath-chairs, over-bed tables and personal storage area for residents’ rooms.

As standards of resident care and health and safety evolve the needs are  on-going.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


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