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Joan Roberts

The Chemainus Health Care Foundation mourns the passing of Board Member Joan Roberts.  The Foundation extends its condolences to Joan’s family and her so many friends in our community.

Joan was a member of our Board from 2011, serving as Secretary from then until 2020.  We will miss her thoughtful and kind way of approaching issues; always putting residents, patients, and staff in the forefront of what she believed was best.  Her decades of experience in the delivery of health care was very valuable to the Foundation, most especially when reviewing requests for equipment and services from the Chemainus Health Care Centre.   She displayed an unwavering commitment to this community and desire to see the Foundation benefit people that live here. 

Joan also contributed to Chemainus in many ways beyond the role she played at the Foundation.  For more information about Joan’s life and her contributions please read the wonderful memorial posted on the Chemainus Valley Cultural Arts Society’s website: .




Plan for 2020 AGM

The Board has decided that in order to hold a 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) that allows for the important input of the Members and protects the health of all involved the meeting will be held when safe to do so in 2021.

The B.C. Societies Act has been amended because of the COVID-19 pandemic and allows for the Board to make this decision. The Board reviewed all possible options during a Directors Meeting held by teleconference on October 26, 2020 and voted to request an extension from the Registrar of Societies to hold the 2019/2020 AGM before November 1, 2021.

The BC Registrar of Companies has accepted our plan for the 2019/2020 AGM and a copy of the acceptance letter can be reviewed by clicking on the following link: approval for agm extension.

The Board will review the situation in the Spring of 2021 when a clearer vision of when an AGM is possible within the directives and recommendations set by the Provincial Health Officer, the BC Ministry of Health and Health Canada. When it is appropriate to set a date for the AGM Members will be notified by regular mail.

In the meantime, the Board of the Foundation continues to manage the affairs of the Society in accordance with the conditions of the Societies Act of BC and the Constitution and Bylaws of the Society. This includes holding regular board meetings by teleconference with formal agendas, recorded minutes, financial reports and audits. All such records will be available for examination by members when conditions permit.

Please continue to monitor this section of our website for up-dates and information about the activities and the undertakings of your Board.

Thank you for your understanding.

Meet the next generation of Health Care Providers
The Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 high school scholarship and bursaries awards. They are:


Jordynn Jany whose goal is to become a Medical Receptionist.
Tristram Nisbet who is aiming to be  a Community Mental Health worker.
Wei-Ling Taylor who aspires to become a Health Care Assistant.
The Foundation wishes to congratulate these students and acknowledge their accomplishments to date. The need of the health care system for qualified personnel has never been greater. We thank Jorydnn, Tristram, and Wei-Ling for responding to this urgency.  And we thank our many donors who make these educational awards possible.


The 2020/21 Budget responds to health care needs in the community

The Board of the Chemainus Health Care Foundation has approved its operating budget for 2020/21. Support for the health services in the community remains strong, thanks to the generosity of our many donors.

Funding for counseling services for those caring for loved ones at home continues. This is an on-going need as the strain of looking after family members can be a significant challenge. In some instances those providing the support are just in their teens.

Through our close cooperation with the Chemainus Auxiliary, together, we have been able to meet all the requests for program and equipment requests of the Chemainus Health Care Centre for this year. This includes Residential Care, the Urgent Care Unit, the Laboratory Services and the End-of-Life Suite.

The 2020/21 budget renews our commitment to education and training. A commitment was made for providing one scholarship and three bursaries in support of students going on to pursue a career in health care. In addition, the Foundation will be offering financial assistance for a mature student also wishing to enter service in health care. And finally, funding has been identified to support additional staff training at the Health Care Centre. Two staff members will be pursuing training which will improve the care available to residents. Responding to the present and future need for qualified health care workers is a priority for the Board.

The Adult Day Program, which operates in space renovated by the Health Care Foundation, is receiving funding for equipment and programs to support the participants.   The Foundation is in the final stages of discussions with Island Health for the purchase of a new bus to service the transportation needs of the Adult Day Program. This will be a major expense for the Foundation, but one that is needed as the subscription for Adult Day programs continues to rise.

Congratulations Steeples Housing Society!

Three new units of badly-needed affordable housing have been added to the Community. This is the end result of hard work, long-range planning and careful budgeting by the Steeples Housing Society. The units are adjacent to the Steeples Assisted Living Complex but operate independently. The Chemainus Health Care Foundation is pleased to have provided the land to enable the project and sees adequate housing as an important part of health care.