Board Report to the AGM May 29, 2017



The achievements of the Board rest on the generosity of the donors.

The President thanked all those who make the work of the board possible. The work of the Foundation can only be achieved through the continued support of its many donors. The President also thanked the Steeples Housing Society for the provision of office and meeting space and the staff of the Chemainus Health Care Centre for dedicated and professional care of patients and residents. Special mention was made of the cooperative and productive working relationship between the Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary and the Foundation.


The President reported that the Board had received $74,186.85 in donations for 2016 and acknowledged the continued generosity of those supporting the work of the Foundation. The President noted that donations over the past few years had declined from previous levels. This reflects the difficult economic times. Unfortunately, costs are increasing at the same time, which adds to the challenge of responding to growing needs in the health care system.


The Foundation approved approximately $82,000.00 in support of equipment and programs for the Chemainus Health Care Centre and $26,000.00 to the Adult Day Program. These funds covered such things as new over-bed tables, personal care items, secure outside fencing for the dementia wing and expanding the music program. The Steeples independent living complex received $600.00 specifically for art work for the benefit of residents.

Of special note was the expenditure of an additional $47,380.33 to replace the x-ray reader and cassettes. An amount of $50,000.00 had been set aside by the Board to meet this anticipated expense.

The Foundation awarded $6,000.00 in scholarships and bursaries to deserving graduating students from Chemainus Secondary School choosing a career path in health services. Just over $700.00 was allocated to supplement specialized training in end-of-life care for staff at the Chemainus Health Care Centre.

The Cowichan Family Caregivers Society was given $5,000.00 by the Foundation for the work it does in support of families caring for loved ones at home. Sometimes the challenge of providing such care falls on young people, some of whom are still in school.

Administrative Improvements

  • A new web-site was launched in May 2016 following many hours of work by the board. Its purpose is to better inform people of the work of the Foundation and to identify the programs and activities supported.
  • Major revisions to the Board’s filing system were finalized resulting in better management and recovery of important records.
  • A privacy policy was developed and adopted by the Board to protect our donors and to ensure full compliance with federal and provincial legislation

Looking ahead 2017

The Board approved a budget for 2017 based on detailed discussions with staff from the Health Care Centre and the Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary. The Foundation will continue to support core programs such as the music program, activities and needs, education and training as well as cost sharing operating costs of the bus. In addition, the budget will fund specific equipment purchases and the important work of the Cowichan Family Caregivers Society.

Budget management guidelines will be developed to respond to declining donations, rising costs and increased pressures on the health care system.




Your Donations at work supporting the community – Thank you!


Board Activities June to November 2017

New equipment for the emergency room

The Board approved $22,000.00 for the purchase of a new Life Pak15 for Urgent Care Unit at the Chemainus Health Care Centre. The purchase was approved following discussions with Island Health staff and in response to equipment priorities identified by local physicians. The needs of other programs in the Health Care Centre are also being identified and the final decision of support by the Foundation will likely be made early in January 2018.

Scholarships for future health care providers

Scholarships and bursaries totalling $4,500.00 were awarded to students at the graduating ceremonies in June at Chemainus Secondary School by Helen Fowler, representing the Foundation. The winners were D. Chang, G. Jones and T. Whitefield.  In addition, an award of $1,500.00 was granted to Laura Kerr, under the Foundation’s Mature Student program. Recipients of these awards commit to pursuing carers in a field of health care.

New equipment to support important programs

A small fridge for the End of Life Sanctuary was purchased, as was a new microwave for the Adult Day Program. Both purchases were made in response to requirements identified to improve the comfort and well being of those using the facilities. In addition, discussions were held on the landscaping required to improve the outdoor space used by participants in the Adult Day Care Program

Bus operations for the Adult Day Program extended for another year

The agreement between the Foundation and Island Health guiding the use of the bus used by the Adult Day Care Program was extended for another year. The agreement sets out shared costs between the Foundation, which owns the bus, and Island Health who receives beneficial use. Changes to the Adult Day Program in Ladysmith will result in some adjustments to the bus schedule and of the space used at the Chemainus Health Care Centre. During the meetings with Island Health the specifications for a new specialized bus in support of the Adult Day Program were also discussed.

Administrative efficiency

On administrative matters, the Board was successful in reducing costs associated with insurance and improving returns realized on short-term bank accounts.

Keeping an eye on the future

A meeting of the different health care foundations operating on Vancouver Island was attended by the President, Kathleen Hepburn.  In addition, discussions about possible changes to some of Island Health’s programs and priorities were held between the President and local officials of Island Health.




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The Foundation’s Bus was decorated with the theme of Canadian Inventions and won Best Theme at the annual Chemainus Rotary Summerfest Parade on June 24/2017




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