Entrance Board at Chemainus Health Care Centre
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The Foundation’s Bus was decorated with the theme of Canadian Inventions and won Best Theme at the annual Chemainus Rotary Summerfest Parade on June 24/2017.



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Annual General Meeting of the Chemainus Health Care Foundation
May 29/2017 at 7:00 p.m.
The Steeples- directly across from the Health Care Centre in Chemainus.



Chemainus Health Care Centre received this letter
on October 5, 2016:


My name is Linda Knight and I am one of the technologists that work in the xray department at Chemainus Health Care Center.


First off – Thank you for all your support of all services here at the Chemainus Health Care Center and for all your past support specifically in the Xray Department.  There is such community support for this Health Center and I am thankful to be a part of serving this great community.

It has been a busy summer here and I wanted to thank you for your most recent financial support which allowed for the replacement of the Computed radiography unit here at the Chemainus Xray department.


This past spring the new FUJI x-ray reader was installed.  This unit is an important component of the equipment involved in digitally processing the images taken in the Chemainus X-ray department.  The prior unit was aging and the new unit will allow for continued uninterrupted service for many years to come.  It has already been put to good use and processed a lot of images since installation.


Once again – thank you so much from all of the Management and all the Medical Radiation Technologists at Chemainus Health Care Center.



Chemainus Health Care Foundation

Twenty-five years (1988-2013) of service

and more to come 

The Chemainus Health Care Foundation has just celebrated a quarter century of service on behalf of residents of Chemainus and district. The Foundation is made up of a broad membership and supported by the generosity of the community at large. The majority of funds come from ‘in memoriam’ or ‘bequest’ gifts and since its formation the Foundation has been the recipient of approximately $2 million dollars donated in support of health care services. The Foundation’s activities are guided by an all volunteer, nine-member board. The primary focus is to support and improve health-care facilities, programs and services located in and available to Chemainus.


The Foundation supports a number of health related activities that range from a bursary and scholarship program for students pursing advanced education in health, to program funding in support of family care-givers, caring for loved ones under difficult circumstances. Some of the major accomplishments over the years have included, land purchase and significant funding grants for the construction of an independent living complex for those requiring some assistance, the donation of a multi-passenger bus to support the Adult Day Care Program, the purchase of a new X-ray machine for the Urgent Care centre and, in partnership with the Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary, the construction and equipping of a palliative care suite at the Chemainus Health Care Centre. The Foundation has  donated approximately 1.2 million dollars for the purchase of equipment in support of extended care residents of the Centre. In addition, the Foundation has made important financial contributions to the Cowichan District Hospital, which is the acute care facility for the region.


Looking forward to the next 25 years the Foundation has recognized the importance of continued communications with Island Health and of strengthening its coordination with other community based funding organizations. In addition, the Foundation is considering the future funding challenges introduced by new standards, limited budgets and more complex care needs brought on by local population dynamics. On-going support and encouragement for those pursuing a career in health care will be required to help meet the future need for well qualified staff and considerable investment will also be needed for up-grading and replacing equipment at the local health centre. The Foundation has made a significant contribution to these in the past and will continue to do so. 


In other areas, of particular interest are the challenges of an aging population and the strain this places on families, care givers and public institutions. The Foundation is reviewing the needs of the Adult Day Care program and the facilities needed in support of those dealing with dementia. In addition, the Foundation is aware of the opportunities for investments that could increase service efficiency and greatly assist in patient care, such as electronic medical records and innovations such as telehealth.


Whatever challenges and opportunities the next 25 years present, the core mission of the Foundation will remain focused on the wellbeing and health of the residents of Chemainus and district. The past generosity of the community speaks well for the future.