Your donations fund equipment and programs for 2018
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The Foundation has approved its budget for 2018. The donations you so generously entrust to the Foundation go a long way to provide things that make a real difference in the quality of health care provided in the community; it is so appreciated!

Cooperation doubles your dollars

Over $38,000.00 has been identified to supplement equipment and programs at the Chemainus Health Care Centre. The funds are to support resident and patient care and comfort and cover such things as a special mattress for the End of Life Sanctuary and wireless sensor- fall mats for residents at risk. The funding supports the popular music programs and provides hip protectors and gel pads to increase comfort and reduce injury. The cost for these items and many others is being evenly shared with the Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary. The two organizations are committed to work together to make sure your dollars go further and to see that as many of the needs of the Centre as possible are met.

More to be done for 2018

Additional funds have been tentatively identified for other areas of need at the Health Care Centre. These relate to requirements in the Urgent Care Unit and modifications at the Centre to improve resident comfort and safety. Further discussions are required before specific costs are known.

Support for the young –  support for the seniors

In addition to support to the Health Care Centre, the Foundation’s budget identifies funds for high school scholarship and bursary awards, the Mature Student program, health care staff training, and funding for the operations of the Foundation’s, bus used by the Adult Day Program.

We can’t forget those who give care at home.

Those residents of Chemainus giving care and comfort to loved ones at home receive some support through the Cowichan Family Caregivers Support Society and the Foundation will provide $5,000.00 for this important service. Some of the home care givers are only in their teens…they need our help.



A busy time for the President!


Building relations takes work

Much of the time spent between November 2017 and February 2018 has been directed to building and maintaining relations with other organizations concerned with health care in Chemainus. The objective of the Foundation in all instances is to make sure the health care needs of residents are paramount and the wishes of donors are respected.


Coordinating with the Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary

Of particular importance is the relationship between the Foundation and the Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary. The Auxiliary has a broader mandate than the Foundation’s but it is important that the two organization approach areas of common interest in a manner that benefits all. Discussions were directed to how the needs of the Health Care Centre could be funded for 2018.


Supporting families giving care at home

The Foundation is concerned that the needs of those who give health care support to loved ones at home are not forgotten. The Foundation provides funding to the Cowichan Family Caregivers Support Society to ensure the residents of Chemainus are included in these services. Through these discussions some of the needs of approximately 18 families in Chemainus are included in the work of the Society.


A Memorandum of Understanding with Island Health

Island Health has approached the Foundation seeking to capture the working relationship with the Foundation through a memorandum of understanding. Preliminary discussions have concentrated on what the advantages might be to both organizations and how common interests might be captured in the document.  More work is required but progress through 2018 is expected.




Entrance Board at Chemainus Health Care Centre
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The Foundation’s Bus was decorated with the theme of Canadian Inventions and won Best Theme at the annual Chemainus Rotary Summerfest Parade on June 24/2017




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