Investing to improve patient services


The Chemainus Health Care Foundation is pleased to announce the recent purchase of two important pieces of equipment for the Chemainus Health Care Centre.  Both will improve the service to patients using the laboratory or the Urgent Care facilities.

Improving the “waiting room experience

The first is a digital numbered ticket system for the Lab. There is now a clear, bright, electronic display of the number of the next person to be served.  In the past, it has been difficult for staff to make sure people waiting in the hallway could hear their number being called, or for people to know exactly where in the line-up for service their number was.  It is hoped this new addition will prevent such misunderstandings and better inform people waiting to see the technicians.  



Better diagnostics for the Community

The second purchase is a portable ultrasound for Urgent Care. This unit, which can easily be brought to the patient’s bed side, will provide the latest technology for helping to assessing soft-tissue health or injury. This will greatly assist the physicians to determine the appropriate treatment and stabilization of patients presenting in Urgent Care. It will also mean that patients can be assessed in Chemainus rather than having to travel to out of town facilities for thorough diagnosis.



The Chemainus Health Care Foundation is dedicated to improving the health facilities and services available to the residents of Chemainus and area.



End-of life care in Cowichan: a present and growing need

Cowichan Hospice is a not-for-profit society providing care for people living with advancing illness, including their families and for people in grief. This is an important part of the integrated end of life care currently provided in the community. The Chemainus Health Care Foundation, in cooperation with the Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary, has funded the construction and equipping of an end-of life sanctuary at the Chemainus Health Care Centre. This one suite is simply insufficient to meet the urgent needs of residents of Cowichan. Hospice House is an important initiative by the Cowichan Hospice Society to fill this critical gap in our health care services.

Most people wish to be cared for at home at the end of their lives Unfortunately for many families, it’s not possible. The emotional and physical toll is just too much, and many people face the end of their lives without privacy or dignity in a crowded hospital room. Cowichan Hospice, staff and volunteers of the society do an amazing job of providing compassionate care, emotional support, information, and companionship to people and their families dealing with advancing illness and grief.

What we don’t have in Cowichan is a Hospice House; a place to live well at the end of life. A place to die with support, safety and dignity, in a home-like setting. A place where expert medical care is provided focused on a person’s own goals and priorities.

Cowichan Hospice needs your help. Cowichan Hospice is raising the funds to build Cowichan Hospice House. Island Health will own the facility and cover medical staffing and facility operating costs and Cowichan Hospice staff and trained volunteers will provide psycho-social care as well as practical support for patients and family members. With a goal of $10 million, to date Cowichan Hospice has raised funding and pledges of $7.35 million!

Together we can make caring easier. Open your heart to hospice. Help to build Cowichan Hospice House, a place where families can spend precious time together in a home-like setting with expert care. Together we can bring hospice beds to Cowichan and enhance care for the whole family.

 Our community deserves excellent end of life care.

To learn more about Cowichan Hospice House please visit



Looking to future health care needs

As populations age one of the greatest needs of the health care system will be for well-trained staff for patient care. With an eye to the future and through your donations, the Foundation has established a Mature Student scholarship for those seeking a career in health care. This year’s recipient is Dakota Stevens pictured here with Kathleen Hepburn, President of the Foundation. Dakota will be attending the Cowichan Campus of VIU in the Health Care Assistant program commencing this fall. Congratulations Dakota!




Community Participation
The Foundation’s bus, which supports the Adult Day Program, won 1st prize in the Chemainus Days Parade!
The bus was decorated by staff from the Health Care Centre and by Board members.
It is so important for the Foundation to stay connected to the community which gives so generously to meet the health care needs its residents.






Reproduced with the kind permission of the Chemainus Courier a division of the Black Press Group.