Current Affairs


May 31, 2021


Welcome to this version of an AGM report to cover the 2020/21 AGM year.  We are all discovering ‘new’ ways to carry-on and move forward during the COVID pandemic year(s), so this will be the first time the Board has held AGMs by Zoom!   We certainly appreciate everyone participating and assisting us to complete our obligations in reporting to you.  The Board has continued conducting business with teleconference and Zoom meetings and ongoing communication between Board members.  There were seven (7) meetings held in 2020.


Thank You” is a way to recognize and announce our sincere appreciation of various people and organizations over this past year and before I commence the report details, I need to say Thank You and make special mention of our friend and Board member, Joan Roberts.  She served with the Foundation Board since 2011 until her passing away last December, 2020.  We so appreciated her contributions and input over the years.  We miss her!

In addition, a very sincere Thank You for the service of  two dedicated Board Members that left the Board in 2020.  Dean Killam  worked with us for six years in various portfolios and tackled several large projects.  His considerable input and steady approach greatly benefited the Foundation.  Rondeau Fenton joined the Foundation in 1999 and served in several Executive roles including President and Secretary and as a ‘working’ Director with a variety of portfolios over 21 years. Her enthusiasm and vision of health care complimented and expanded the effectiveness of the Foundation in its work.  Thank you to both of you for many years of service.

  • Thank you firstly to our generous donors who have supported health services in the community by donating to the Foundation
  • Thank you to all health service providers throughout our communities!
  • Thank you to everyone who has sacrificed and worked very hard to keep themselves and others safe, especially while providing necessary services to all of us
  • Thank you to all the Board members who have continued to volunteer their time, expertise and heart to our endeavours.  This year special thanks goes to John Marriott for his work ensuring the new ADP bus was completed in a pandemic year.
  • Thank you to the CHCC management and staff for their tireless dedication to care for residents and the public
  • Thank you to the Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary who make working together enjoyable in achieving more for this community
  • Thank you to the Steeples Housing Society supporting our meetings (when we can meet in-person again!) and governance by providing space at no cost
  • Thank you Mr. Don Bodger of our local newspaper for continuing to report on our activities and successes (eg. new ADP bus)
  • Thank you to Mr.’s Roan and Mark McMillan for overseeing our website
  • Thank you and recognition and appreciation to Mandeep Sindhi who has been our Treasurer these past three years.  His professional guidance has been instrumental in protecting our donated funds and bringing the Board forward in continuing to do the best we can with the funds we receive.  I mention this here, as unfortunately, Mandeep has made the decision to not renew for another three year term.  We will miss your insights Mandeep and sincerely wish you well as you continue your career path.  Thank you!




In 2020, the Foundation received $64,818 the majority of which was from two estates.  These monies were for distribution to CHCC, The Steeples, community programs and special projects.


The Foundation’s budget strategy allowed us to continue with the following commitments:


2020 Expenditures and Commitments for Community Needs


The largest commitment was for a new Adult Day Program bus to replace the 2007 bus we had previously purchased exclusively for this important program located at the Chemainus Health Care Centre.  As in the past, this new bus will remain the property of the Foundation.   In consultation with the staff who use this vehicle on a daily basis,  $125,000 was put aside to have a larger capacity, specific needs bus built for ADP.  It arrived August 31, 2020 just in time to have the Adult Day Program start up again with a more limited capacity due to Covid dictated space restrictions.   The total cost was $103,872.40.  (under budget!!)

We sincerely appreciated the various donations we were able to put toward this large purchase, including contributions from the Chemainus Legion’s Poppy Fund over the past two years and many private donors.


An important aspect of the ADP bus purchase is that we have secured a five(5) year Memorandum of Understanding with Island Health which outlines the obligations and responsibilities of both parties and ensures the continuation of this widely used program for the communities it serves.


For the Chemainus Health Care Centre, we approved the following items in areas of Adult Day Program, Activities and Needs for Residential Care, Residential Care, and staff education totalling:  $ 145,769  (note: $125,000 was for the ADP bus)


  • EOL room – recliner               $2399 *
  • EOL room – bladeless fan (Dyson)  $700 *
  • Residential care – special cart  – $4070 *
  • Activities and Needs fund     $3000
  • Activities – large bulletin board   $200 *
  • Activities – Cricut machine          $400 *
  • Activities – 3 x large stand-alone outdoor umbrellas –  $1800 *
  • Staff education – $2500
  • ADP – new bus – $125,000
  • ADP – music + entertainment programs ($400/month) – $4800 * (*3600)
  • ADP – BBQ – $300 *
  • ADP – Smart 43″ TV – $300 *
  • ADP – Android tablet – $300 *
  • ADP bus insurance – $2142    (note: this is not included in the total above)


However, when the change in procedures due to the Covid pandemic became “the new norm”, several items were not feasible to proceed with purchasing.  These items are noted above with an asterisk , some of which have since been purchased in 2021 and will be reported in next year’s budget. 


In addition, a request was received from Island Health in May, 2020 to support the purchase of an electric kettle at $24,000 for the CHCC kitchen.  This was approved by the Board.  This very large electric steam kettle is used primarily for large volumes of liquids (hot water, cereals, soups, sauces and gravies).  When the old kettle broke down, it was replaced as an urgent item, however, it was unfunded within IH budget allocations.  A further consideration for the Foundation in supporting this request, is that the CHCC kitchen is contracted to provide the meals at The Steeples. 


The approved Foundation budget was therefore not as planned and an important shift in focus became creating better communications between residents and their families, especially during the periods of ‘lockdown’ and to this end, the Foundation had supported the purchase of a large screen laptop and appropriate equipment to be used in a newly created ‘media room’ from repurposed space.   This would allow some privacy and quiet for family and residents to communicate.   In addition, the Foundation is paying for better access to wifi and programming services with Shaw for the CHCC.  ($888.81 for 2020). This has also been planned in our 2021 budget to allow this service to continue throughout 2021.




The Foundation continues to emphasize support for current and future providers of human health care.   The following three areas are budgeted for each year.

For 2020:

  • Chemainus Secondary School.  One Scholarship and three Bursaries were awarded to Steven Wong, Jordynn Jany, Wei-Ling Taylor and Tristram Nisbet. ($1500 each) Steven withdrew as he ultimately decided to continue with a business degree rather than be in human health care.  W-L Taylor was the only Bursary recipient who was able to continue with her studies at this time.
  • Mature Student Award:  No award granted ($1500)
  • Chemainus Health Care Staff:  Two educational supporting monies were awarded to C. Griffiths ($500) and S. Moore ($750).




  • The Cowichan Family Caregivers Support Society received $5,000. This organization has supported families in our area for over twenty years and has received support from the Foundation since 2010.
  • A representative from the Foundation attends the Remembrance Day ceremony at the cenotaph.   Support to the Legion’s wreath program is $75 annually.
  • Participation of the ADP bus in the Chemainus Summerfest Parade usually occurs, however, this year the Parade was cancelled.
  • The Foundation continues to be a member of the Chemainus Chamber of Commerce at $122 annually.
  • The Foundation and the Auxiliary placed a ‘thank you’ heart advertisement in the local paper to recognize all care givers during this difficult time.




The Board works to minimize costs and its impact on donations received.  The Foundation continues to have no paid staff and each Board Member volunteers their time.  The Steeples continues to donate space for us to use at no cost.  There are costs however, in the areas of Audit, Director’s liability insurance, advertising, legal fees, office supplies, mailing, website, etc. some of which continue to go up and the Foundation does not control those increases.    For instance, in 2020, increases were seen in the Audit = $6477.19 (up $1025 over the past two years) and Director’s insurance = $ 1492 (up $144 over the past two years), mailing costs and Post Office box increases.

There were no significant changes in all other areas and the administrative costs are in line with previous years.


Looking forward:


It is anticipated that ongoing discussions will continue with Island Health regarding the pandemic restrictions as it relates to changes and requirements for facilities such as CHCC and The Steeples, and as it relates to needs in the community.  This may include modifications to the physical structures at CHCC, for instance, in the Gardenview section. 

We will continue to have close ties with management at CHCC to assist them with providing residents and their families better access to communications.


There will continue to be a significant shift in how we do business over the next year and we have already successfully transitioned to other means to carry on with our meetings and decisions in the expenditure of funds.  In addition, the Foundation is exploring options for managing donated funds in a way that respects the wishes and expectations of donors, preserves or increases value while remaining in control of those funds and following set principles to protect those funds.  This is an ongoing discussion and research continues.  It is anticipated to be reported to the Membership by the 2022 AGM.


The revision of the Bylaws that had been scheduled for the 2021 AGM was put on hold this past year as it was not feasible to work through the details without the Board being able to constantly meet, preferably in person.   This work will continue and be available for the 2022 AGM.


This concludes the President’s report for the 2020 financial year.  Thank you.  Are there any questions or comments before moving onto the next part of the Agenda?



Kathleen Hepburn, President, CHCF