Donation Information

Registered Charity: 888989399RR0001

 Your donation will be directed as determined by the Foundation or you can direct your donation to a specific area:

1. Foundation:  Funds are allocated to health care needs and projects by the Board of Directors of the Foundation.

2. Chemainus Health Care Centre (CHCC): Funds are used to support needs at the CHCC.   You may further specify that your donation is to be used to support Residential Care, Palliative Care, Urgent Care or Adult Day Care.

3. Steeples: Donations directed to Steeples will support projects as requested by the Steeples Housing Society.


Donors are recognized with plaques or leaves on the tree inside the Chemainus Health Care Centre.


How to Donate

Donate by: Cheque, E-Transfer or Credit Card. 

Click here for a Donation Form



Please consider making other forms of donations:


In Memoriam

An “In Memoriam” donation is an extremely important source of funds for the Foundation. Please consider this as a way of supporting the community while honouring the memory of someone special.  Simply complete the printable donation form above and complete the In Memoriam section of the form.


Estates: Giving through bequests

Directing funds through your estate to the Chemainus Health Care Foundation in of support local health programs is an option chosen by many. It leaves a contribution of lasting benefit to the community.


Other options

Other ways to support a healthy community include such strategies as, naming the Foundation as a beneficiary in a life insurance policy, transferring qualifying securities, or establishing an Endowment Fund.

Click here for more information about Enduring Gifts