Looking to future health care needs

As populations age one of the greatest needs of the health care system will be for well-trained staff for patient care. With an eye to the future and through your donations, the Foundation has established a Mature Student scholarship for those seeking a career in health care. This year’s recipient is Dakota Stevens pictured here with Kathleen Hepburn, President of the Foundation. Dakota will be attending the Cowichan Campus of VIU in the Health Care Assistant program commencing this fall. Congratulations Dakota!




Community Participation
The Foundation’s bus, which supports the Adult Day Program, won 1st prize in the Chemainus Days Parade!
The bus was decorated by staff from the Health Care Centre and by Board members.
It is so important for the Foundation to stay connected to the community which gives so generously to meet the health care needs its residents.





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Goodbye Bill Taylor, Hello Mandeep Sindhi


After 12 years on the Board of Directors Bill Taylor has stepped down as Treasurer. His contribution is greatly appreciated and through his guidance he leaves the finances of the Foundation in good shape. He oversaw the annual audits of the organization, reported on the budget at each AGM and has secured good returns for the Foundation through safe investments. He remains a committed member of the Society and has remained active to guide the transition to a new treasurer.


The Board is pleased to welcome Mandeep Sindhi as its new Treasurer. Mandeep brings a rich and varied background in financial management. With this experience the Foundation can assure its donors that the funds, so generously given, will be managed to gain the maximum benefit for the health programs and services important to the residents of Chemainus and area.


Board Report to the AGM

May 28, 2018

Thank you to donors and supporters

A special thank you to the generosity of our loyal donors and to:

  • the Chemainus Health Care Centre (CHCC) for professional care, commitment and advice,
  • the Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary for partnership and cooperation,
  • Steeples for common interests and providing working space,
  • The Courier and Don Bodger for interest and reporting our activities.

 2017 – Donations from a generous community

In 2017 the Foundation received $117,287.64 of which $83,839.75 was from two estates.   The $33,447.89 cash donations is a significant increase from the past few years; a welcome trend. Of note was a special “Caring-in-Action” donation raised by several Grade 4 Chemainus Elementary students.  This ‘younger fund-raising group’ is very encouraging! (see the photo below)

2017 –Funding Community Needs

Support to the Chemainus Health Care Centre

The Foundation provided approximately $46,440 dollars for equipment and programs at the Chemainus Health Care Centre, including the Adult Day Program. These expenditures ranged from a Life Pak defibrillator  ($22,000.00) for the Urgent Care unit to $3,000.00 for 8 over-bed tables. In addition, the Foundation provided $13,440.00 for music programs for Residential Care and the Adult Day Program.

Support to those giving care at home

The Foundation granted $5,000.00 to the Cowichan Family Caregivers Support Society.   This non-profit Society assists those caring for loved ones at home, which can take the form of counselling, advocating and setting up appropriate connections for families. This service includes all caregivers, from teens to seniors.

The Foundation looks to the future of health care

A total of $4,500.00 in scholarships and bursaries was given to students graduating from Chemainus Secondary High School pursuing future studies in a health related field. A $1,500.00 grant was also given to a mature student resuming health related studies. Gabrielle Jones, Daniel Cheng and Teah Whitefield received the high school awards. The Mature Student Award was granted to Laura Kerr.

Administration costs kept low

The Board has no paid staff and all work is done by the volunteer Board.

The budget for the administration covers items such as audit review fees, insurance, advertising, legal fees, office supplies, mailing, etc.  

2017 was a year of ‘review’ and ‘rebuilding’

Last May’s launch of our new website has proved to be very successful. The site aids in more widely promoting the Foundation, increasing donations and informing the community of our activities.

Reviews took place of each Director’s duties and a review of our constitution and bylaws resulted in updates to the document and other adjustments to meet the requirements of the new BC Societies Act.

The Adult Day Program (ADP) bus agreement with Island Health was extended for another year and has now been submitted for an extension for further five years. Changes to the ADP to include Ladysmith/Cedar became effective September, 2017. This allows 12 people per day to be part of this valuable program, but places a greater demand on the Foundation’s bus.

A review and adjustment to our budget management strategies in 2017 will strengthen the financial stability of the Foundation. Transparency and accountability remain a priority. 

Retention of the palliative care room at the CHCC, which was funded by the Foundation and the Auxiliary, has been a clear objective of the Board for several years. A letter was received from Island Health confirming that “there will be no change to the bed at Chemainus Health Care Centre”. The Foundation is pleased that this important service will continue to be available in the community.  

2018 and Looking Ahead

Clarifying priorities for 2018

Funding priority for 2018 has been placed on direct patient comfort and safety. This is reflected in approved funding for wireless sensor-fall mats for residents at risk and a special mattress for the End of Life Sanctuary. Hip protectors and gel pads that reduce injuries are among some of the other items purchased.  As 2018 progresses, other requests are anticipated from CHCC management. Exploratory discussions are looking at modifications to the physical structures at CHCC that will improve comfort and safety for the residents.  

Help improve end-of-life care in the region

As progress is made in the building of a Cowichan Valley Hospice House for the Region, the Foundation will look at ways to support this important initiative.

Respecting due process

The Foundation’s revised constitution will be submitted to the B.C. Registrar for Societies by the deadline in November, 2018.

Improving working relationships

There have been ongoing discussions with Island Health about a Memorandum of Understanding with the Foundation.  It is anticipated that this will be concluded in 2018.




 Recent Newspaper Clipping



Your donations fund equipment and programs for 2018
Thank you!

The Foundation has approved its budget for 2018. The donations you so generously entrust to the Foundation go a long way to provide things that make a real difference in the quality of health care provided in the community; it is so appreciated!

Cooperation doubles your dollars

Over $38,000.00 has been identified to supplement equipment and programs at the Chemainus Health Care Centre. The funds are to support resident and patient care and comfort and cover such things as a special mattress for the End of Life Sanctuary and wireless sensor- fall mats for residents at risk. The funding supports the popular music programs and provides hip protectors and gel pads to increase comfort and reduce injury. The cost for these items and many others is being evenly shared with the Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary. The two organizations are committed to work together to make sure your dollars go further and to see that as many of the needs of the Centre as possible are met.

More to be done for 2018

Additional funds have been tentatively identified for other areas of need at the Health Care Centre. These relate to requirements in the Urgent Care Unit and modifications at the Centre to improve resident comfort and safety. Further discussions are required before specific costs are known.

Support for the young –  support for the seniors

In addition to support to the Health Care Centre, the Foundation’s budget identifies funds for high school scholarship and bursary awards, the Mature Student program, health care staff training, and funding for the operations of the Foundation’s, bus used by the Adult Day Program.

We can’t forget those who give care at home.

Those residents of Chemainus giving care and comfort to loved ones at home receive some support through the Cowichan Family Caregivers Support Society and the Foundation will provide $5,000.00 for this important service. Some of the home care givers are only in their teens…they need our help.

A busy time for the President!


Building relations takes work

Much of the time spent between November 2017 and February 2018 has been directed to building and maintaining relations with other organizations concerned with health care in Chemainus. The objective of the Foundation in all instances is to make sure the health care needs of residents are paramount and the wishes of donors are respected.

Coordinating with the Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary

Of particular importance is the relationship between the Foundation and the Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary. The Auxiliary has a broader mandate than the Foundation’s but it is important that the two organization approach areas of common interest in a manner that benefits all. Discussions were directed to how the needs of the Health Care Centre could be funded for 2018.

Supporting families giving care at home

The Foundation is concerned that the needs of those who give health care support to loved ones at home are not forgotten. The Foundation provides funding to the Cowichan Family Caregivers Support Society to ensure the residents of Chemainus are included in these services. Through these discussions some of the needs of approximately 18 families in Chemainus are included in the work of the Society.

A Memorandum of Understanding with Island Health

Island Health has approached the Foundation seeking to capture the working relationship with the Foundation through a memorandum of understanding. Preliminary discussions have concentrated on what the advantages might be to both organizations and how common interests might be captured in the document.  More work is required but progress through 2018 is expected.

Entrance Board at Chemainus Health Care Centre
Topic: The Foundation

The Foundation’s Bus was decorated with the theme of Canadian Inventions and won Best Theme at the annual Chemainus Rotary Summerfest Parade on June 24/2017


Board Report to the AGM May 29, 2017


The achievements of the Board rest on the generosity of the donors.

The President thanked all those who make the work of the board possible. The work of the Foundation can only be achieved through the continued support of its many donors. The President also thanked the Steeples Housing Society for the provision of office and meeting space and the staff of the Chemainus Health Care Centre for dedicated and professional care of patients and residents. Special mention was made of the cooperative and productive working relationship between the Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary and the Foundation.


The President reported that the Board had received $74,186.85 in donations for 2016 and acknowledged the continued generosity of those supporting the work of the Foundation. The President noted that donations over the past few years had declined from previous levels. This reflects the difficult economic times. Unfortunately, costs are increasing at the same time, which adds to the challenge of responding to growing needs in the health care system.


The Foundation approved approximately $82,000.00 in support of equipment and programs for the Chemainus Health Care Centre and $26,000.00 to the Adult Day Program. These funds covered such things as new over-bed tables, personal care items, secure outside fencing for the dementia wing and expanding the music program. The Steeples independent living complex received $600.00 specifically for art work for the benefit of residents.

Of special note was the expenditure of an additional $47,380.33 to replace the x-ray reader and cassettes. An amount of $50,000.00 had been set aside by the Board to meet this anticipated expense.

The Foundation awarded $6,000.00 in scholarships and bursaries to deserving graduating students from Chemainus Secondary School choosing a career path in health services. Just over $700.00 was allocated to supplement specialized training in end-of-life care for staff at the Chemainus Health Care Centre.

The Cowichan Family Caregivers Society was given $5,000.00 by the Foundation for the work it does in support of families caring for loved ones at home. Sometimes the challenge of providing such care falls on young people, some of whom are still in school.

Administrative Improvements

  • A new web-site was launched in May 2016 following many hours of work by the board. Its purpose is to better inform people of the work of the Foundation and to identify the programs and activities supported.
  • Major revisions to the Board’s filing system were finalized resulting in better management and recovery of important records.
  • A privacy policy was developed and adopted by the Board to protect our donors and to ensure full compliance with federal and provincial legislation

Looking ahead 2017

The Board approved a budget for 2017 based on detailed discussions with staff from the Health Care Centre and the Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary. The Foundation will continue to support core programs such as the music program, activities and needs, education and training as well as cost sharing operating costs of the bus. In addition, the budget will fund specific equipment purchases and the important work of the Cowichan Family Caregivers Society.

Budget management guidelines will be developed to respond to declining donations, rising costs and increased pressures on the health care system.

Your Donations at work supporting the community – Thank you!


Board Activities June to November 2017

New equipment for the emergency room

The Board approved $22,000.00 for the purchase of a new Life Pak15 for Urgent Care Unit at the Chemainus Health Care Centre. The purchase was approved following discussions with Island Health staff and in response to equipment priorities identified by local physicians. The needs of other programs in the Health Care Centre are also being identified and the final decision of support by the Foundation will likely be made early in January 2018.

Scholarships for future health care providers

Scholarships and bursaries totalling $4,500.00 were awarded to students at the graduating ceremonies in June at Chemainus Secondary School by Helen Fowler, representing the Foundation. The winners were D. Chang, G. Jones and T. Whitefield.  In addition, an award of $1,500.00 was granted to Laura Kerr, under the Foundation’s Mature Student program. Recipients of these awards commit to pursuing carers in a field of health care.

New equipment to support important programs

A small fridge for the End of Life Sanctuary was purchased, as was a new microwave for the Adult Day Program. Both purchases were made in response to requirements identified to improve the comfort and well being of those using the facilities. In addition, discussions were held on the landscaping required to improve the outdoor space used by participants in the Adult Day Care Program

Bus operations for the Adult Day Program extended for another year

The agreement between the Foundation and Island Health guiding the use of the bus used by the Adult Day Care Program was extended for another year. The agreement sets out shared costs between the Foundation, which owns the bus, and Island Health who receives beneficial use. Changes to the Adult Day Program in Ladysmith will result in some adjustments to the bus schedule and of the space used at the Chemainus Health Care Centre. During the meetings with Island Health the specifications for a new specialized bus in support of the Adult Day Program were also discussed.

Administrative efficiency

On administrative matters, the Board was successful in reducing costs associated with insurance and improving returns realized on short-term bank accounts.

Keeping an eye on the future

A meeting of the different health care foundations operating on Vancouver Island was attended by the President, Kathleen Hepburn.  In addition, discussions about possible changes to some of Island Health’s programs and priorities were held between the President and local officials of Island Health.

 Chemainus Health Care Centre received this letter

on October 5, 2016:


My name is Linda Knight and I am one of the technologists that work in the xray department at Chemainus Health Care Center.


First off – Thank you for all your support of all services here at the Chemainus Health Care Center and for all your past support specifically in the Xray Department.  There is such community support for this Health Center and I am thankful to be a part of serving this great community.

It has been a busy summer here and I wanted to thank you for your most recent financial support which allowed for the replacement of the Computed radiography unit here at the Chemainus Xray department.


This past spring the new FUJI x-ray reader was installed.  This unit is an important component of the equipment involved in digitally processing the images taken in the Chemainus X-ray department.  The prior unit was aging and the new unit will allow for continued uninterrupted service for many years to come.  It has already been put to good use and processed a lot of images since installation.


Once again – thank you so much from all of the Management and all the Medical Radiation Technologists at Chemainus Health Care Center.

Chemainus Health Care Foundation

Twenty-five years (1988-2013) of service

and more to come 

The Chemainus Health Care Foundation has just celebrated a quarter century of service on behalf of residents of Chemainus and district. The Foundation is made up of a broad membership and supported by the generosity of the community at large. The majority of funds come from ‘in memoriam’ or ‘bequest’ gifts and since its formation the Foundation has been the recipient of approximately $2 million dollars donated in support of health care services. The Foundation’s activities are guided by an all volunteer, nine-member board. The primary focus is to support and improve health-care facilities, programs and services located in and available to Chemainus.

The Foundation supports a number of health related activities that range from a bursary and scholarship program for students pursing advanced education in health, to program funding in support of family care-givers, caring for loved ones under difficult circumstances. Some of the major accomplishments over the years have included, land purchase and significant funding grants for the construction of an independent living complex for those requiring some assistance, the donation of a multi-passenger bus to support the Adult Day Care Program, the purchase of a new X-ray machine for the Urgent Care centre and, in partnership with the Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary, the construction and equipping of a palliative care suite at the Chemainus Health Care Centre. The Foundation has  donated approximately 1.2 million dollars for the purchase of equipment in support of extended care residents of the Centre. In addition, the Foundation has made important financial contributions to the Cowichan District Hospital, which is the acute care facility for the region.

Looking forward to the next 25 years the Foundation has recognized the importance of continued communications with Island Health and of strengthening its coordination with other community based funding organizations. In addition, the Foundation is considering the future funding challenges introduced by new standards, limited budgets and more complex care needs brought on by local population dynamics. On-going support and encouragement for those pursuing a career in health care will be required to help meet the future need for well qualified staff and considerable investment will also be needed for up-grading and replacing equipment at the local health centre. The Foundation has made a significant contribution to these in the past and will continue to do so. 

In other areas, of particular interest are the challenges of an aging population and the strain this places on families, care givers and public institutions. The Foundation is reviewing the needs of the Adult Day Care program and the facilities needed in support of those dealing with dementia. In addition, the Foundation is aware of the opportunities for investments that could increase service efficiency and greatly assist in patient care, such as electronic medical records and innovations such as telehealth.

Whatever challenges and opportunities the next 25 years present, the core mission of the Foundation will remain focused on the wellbeing and health of the residents of Chemainus and district. The past generosity of the community speaks well for the future.