Adult Day Program


The program, under Island Health, provides social and recreational activities and personal care for the frail, elderly and disabled. The program is delivered in a comfortable suite opening onto a sea-view patio and gardens. The Adult Day Program provides significant caregiver respite during the day for those challenged by looking after loved ones at home.



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The Chemainus Health Care Foundation has made major contributions to the Adult Day Program as it provides such a valuable and needed service to the community. In 2007, the Foundation purchased a multi-passenger bus to transport program participants to the centre and for day-trips. Operational costs are shared between the Foundation and Island Health. The Foundation also purchased a tub for the program to facilitate client bathing, when it is too difficult to do at home. In addition, a major renovation to the Adult Day Program space was funded by the Foundation, costing approximately $250,000.00. This greatly expanded and improved the available space and extends the time during the year the out-door patio and gardens can be used. The Foundation has also purchased other equipment and lounge chairs for the program participants.

With an aging population the need for such services is only increasing.


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